Tackle self-limiting beliefs and other derailers, and ltake control of your career.

  • 5 simple ways to learn by doing 🎙️

    Women are less likely to put ourselves forward for promotions, projects, and payrises. Learn how to leave your comfort zone and GO FOR IT.

  • What if it all works out? The power of positivity

    We spend too much time thinking about everything that could go wrong, instead of planing for it to all go RIGHT. Learn how to default to positivity.

  • Feedback is a gift: how to give it effectively

    Want to help someone? Feedback is a gift you can give them. Learn 5 tips to delivering it with clarity and kindness.

  • Welcome to our new podcast: PowrUp 🎙️

    Think of us as your personal cheerleaders, providing the tools to equip yourself with the confidence and skills to shape your career on your terms.

  • International Women’s Day: it’s not all doom and gloom

    Yes there’s a way to go but we can collectively take small, impactful actions daily.

  • The 4-day workweek is gaining steam

    The modern work week is a relatively new invention, and studies are showing some good reasons to change it.

  • How to be your own hype girl: The art of self-promotion

    How to authentically nail the art of self promotion and build your personal brand.

  • How to: make home life work for you

    There is hope for a better work/life balance! Let’s defy the stats, and create a home life that re-distributes the workload, so that we can reach our career goals, whatever they may be.

  • The power of empathetic leadership

    As the world grapples with climate change, automation, and disruption, we’ve learned that diverse teams are better at solving pressing challenges. And guess what diverse employees need? Empathetic leaders. 

  • 3 career habits to break (and 1 to make) in 2023

    Looking for a new career challenge this year? Learn how to break 3 career-limiting habits that are holding you back, and make one that will help you achieve positive change.

  • Turns out, boredom is good for you

    Are you caught in a busyness trap? Doing nothing is correlated with improved performance and humans are uniquely built to succeed when we give it a chance! We share five easy ways to practice boredom this holiday season.

  • Is Imposter Syndrome holding you back? 🎙

    Imposter syndrome describes a feeling most of us have experienced. While there’s no official diagnosis, the phenomenon is a form of self-doubt – and has a very real impact on the 82% of people who experience it. An affliction of high-achievers, we share 3 ways to boost your confidence.

  • How to ask for feedback

    Are you one of 63% of employees hungry to hear how they’re performing? here’s 3 things you can do to get more feedback. The biggest impact you can have on the amount you’re given is by focusing on how you receive it, so here’s how to turn on the tap.

  • Fear of failure is failing women

    CNBC senior journalist Julia Boorstin interviewed hundreds of women who made it to the c-suite. She found that this small but impressive group display key commonalities that helped paved the way. We share the key traits that unlocked their growth – and that can unlock yours.

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