• The best leadership podcasts for women

    Our curated list of our favourite podcasts episodes for women leaders. Subscribe for new suggestions every week.

  • Book of the week: what you should be reading

    Powrsuit Book Club: Books every women leader should read to hone skills, build confidence and learn your leadership style.

  • Team-building on a shoestring budget

    Teams boost creativity, and there are a lot of creative ways to bond on a shoestring budget – without the cringe factor.

  • Sick of taking on other people’s problems?

    Is solving other people’s problems really an act of care? Women might be great problem-solvers, but we don’t always address the problems this can create.

  • How to respond to microaggressions at work

    Almost half of women have reported experiencing microaggressions and everyday sexism in the last year. Learn 3 simple ways to respond.

  • Connecting for success: The power of LinkedIn

    70% of professionals get hired by organisations they have an existing connection with. Here’s how to boost your LinkedIn network by being yourself.

  • How to: Create your elevator pitch

    You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so your professional elevator pitch counts. Learn how to confidently convey your value.

  • How to stop doing everyone else’s work

    Overwhelmed at work? Your delegation skills may be letting you down. Learn five actionable ways to get out of doing and back to leading.

  • The role of empathy in high-performing teams

    Empathy is perhaps one of the toughest leadership tools to master. It requires courage of convictions, commitment to a vision and extreme emotional control.

  • How to: run a great one on-one-meeting

    One-on-ones should be a top priority, but you’ve probably never had formal training on how to run them effectively. Here’s 5 tips from the experts.

  • Feedback is a gift: how to give it effectively

    Want to help someone? Feedback is a gift you can give them. Learn 5 tips to delivering it with clarity and kindness.

  • Welcome to our new podcast: PowrUp 🎙️

    Think of us as your personal cheerleaders, providing the tools to equip yourself with the confidence and skills to shape your career on your terms.

  • How to: Run an effective meeting

    Most meetings stink. Yes, even the ones you organise. These six meeting hacks are backed by science – so let’s reclaim our precious time.

  • How to: make home life work for you

    There is hope for a better work/life balance! Let’s defy the stats, and create a home life that re-distributes the workload, so that we can reach our career goals, whatever they may be.

  • How to: Network like a pro

    Networking is the key to getting ahead – from finding new jobs to keeping a finger on the pulse. Learn 5 ways to take the chore out connecting.

  • Are you managing or leading?

    The labels are often used interchangeably, but the skills required to be a good leader are the opposite of those of a manager. Here are 3 tips to making the transition.

  • The power of empathetic leadership

    As the world grapples with climate change, automation, and disruption, we’ve learned that diverse teams are better at solving pressing challenges. And guess what diverse employees need? Empathetic leaders. 

  • 3 career habits to break (and 1 to make) in 2023

    Looking for a new career challenge this year? Learn how to break 3 career-limiting habits that are holding you back, and make one that will help you achieve positive change.

  • Got a seat at the meeting table? Raise your voice

    Women have a seat at the meeting table but still struggle to have our voices heard. These well-known techniques will help establish your leadership presence.

  • I have some feedback for you…

    Are you one of 63% of employees hungry to hear how they’re performing? here’s 3 things you can do to get more feedback. The biggest impact you can have on the amount you’re given is by focusing on how you receive it, so here’s how to turn on the tap.

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