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Almost one hundred and fifty women participated in our pilot programme, Powrsessions. We’ve proven tangible, measurable benefits for both organisations and individuals. Now, it’s time to scale that impact.

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Cohort one: 20 March 2024

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of Powrsession peer groups continued meeting after the programme finished.


of Powrsession participants reported improvement in time management, communication, conflict and relationship skills.


of Powrsession participants felt the programme increased their motivation and engagement at work.

You don’t want another course.
You need a career accelerator.

Grow your professional network

You aren’t alone. Powrsuit’s private online community is a safe space full of women who share your challenges and aspirations. Find the people and answers you need to tackle career derailers and accelerate your leadership development.

  • Expand your perspective: Connect with leaders from diverse backgrounds, industries, and career levels and learn from their experiences.
  • Actionable insights: Engaging polls showcase trends and highlight your progress.
  • Connection as a superpower: Find new opportunities, connections and opinions, and seek help (anonymously if you want!).

Engage, deep-dive and be inspired

Monthly events are hosted online in real-time and then available on demand. Join live for interactive masterclasses, expert interviews and guided discussions.

  • Reduce mental load: Monthly mini-masterclasses deliver maximum value in minimal time - just 15 minutes!
  • Turn theory into practice: Share experiences with other Powrsuiters, deep-dive into specifics, and commit to action.
  • Be inspired: Tune in for honest interviews with global leaders, and get your questions answered live.

A growing library, accessible on-demand

Don't add to your schedule; work with it. Make leadership an ongoing practice with a growing library of practical resources on hand when you need them.

  • Simple, flexible tools: Designed to be used in under 10 minutes. Apply them to solve problems, challenge limiting beliefs, get feedback and practice critical conversations.
  • Small actions: Embrace an experimental mindset with small habit-forming actions.
  • Masterclasses and interviews: Missed a live event? Watch it online in your own time.

Built alongside you

This is your network and your platform. OG Powrsuiters have an unparalleled influence on our strategic roadmap:

  • Early access: Trial new features and approaches to building your network.
  • Discounts: On premium features like coaching, peer groups or in-person meetups.
  • Build your brand: Become an influential thought leader and benefit from sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Join industry leaders to be part of the solution

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The Powrsuit difference

Practice over theory

We've all left conferences and courses inspired to act - then real life gets in the way. Powrsuit's research-backed approach focuses on small, tangible actions that drive measurable change.

Powr in numbers

Systemic change doesn't happen in isolation. Surround yourself with others to drive meaningful change within your organisation and to supercharge your career.

Minimising mental load

Anything that takes too much time falls off the to-do list. Powrsuit embraces doing less. If one 15-minute video helps free up an hour a month, your membership has paid off!

A measurable investment

We believe leadership development is an investment, not a perk. Our data-driven approach enables members to track progress and offers organisations insights into major themes and challenges facing professional women.

Tackling the unique challenges women face

Women face unique challenges in our careers - from microaggressions to the juggle to deep-rooted social and cultural barriers to success. Powrsuit is a 'booster' - targeted support on top of existing organisation-wide development programmes.

Inclusion baked in

Gender equity isn't a women's issue. Male allies are critical to driving change, so we provide a safe and welcoming space for you to ask questions and seek advice.

Women leaders

$42 /month
Billed at $504/yr

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Cohort one: 20 March 2024

Male allies

$17 /month
Billed at $204/yr

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Cohort one: April 2024

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