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The world has changed. The leadership style that got us here won’t get us where we need to go. Women represent the largest untapped potential for high-performing businesses. We tackle the unique challenges professional women face and equip them to succeed on their terms.

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of pilot programme peer groups continued meeting after the programme finished.


report improvement in time management, communication, conflict and relationship skills.


experience an increase in motivation and engagement at work.

You don’t want another course. You need a career accelerator.

Leadership development that's designed to work around busy schedules and within professional development budgets. Just block out 30 minutes a week (or month), and we take care of the rest. With a Powrsuit membership, you will:

Make leadership an ongoing practice

Our online events deliver maximum value in minimal time. Join live to connect with other Powrsuiters or access content on demand whenever you need it.

Mini-masterclasses: Join us every fortnight to deep-dive into a different leadership skill or challenge. Following a 15-minute lesson, you'll enter small breakout rooms to turn theory into practice. Leave with tangible actions and new connections.

Insightful interviews: Each month, we invite an accomplished global leader to share their story. Hear honest accounts of the challenges behind the successes.

Grow your network

Our private online community is the place to foster career-enhancing connections.

A professional superpower: A safe space to find the people and answers you need. Chat with leaders from diverse backgrounds, industries, and career levels.

Casual catchups: From virtual happy hours to community-led catchups, Powrsuit takes the work out of networking. All you need to do is turn up.

Your sounding board: Returning to work? Stepping up? Struggling? Get matched with a small group of women leaders and navigate shared goals together.

Get the support you need

This is your network; our job is to make it as valuable as possible. Our OG Powrsuiters have an unparalleled influence on our strategic roadmap:

Early access: Trial new features and approaches to building your network.

Discounts: Get early-adopter rates for premium features like coaching, peer groups and in-person meetups.

Dedicated support: Elena, our community manager, has one job: to ensure you get the most out of your membership.

A growing library, accessible on demand

Don't waste your professional development budget on one-and-done courses; get the support you need when you need it. Powrsuit's growing library is available on demand.

Simple, flexible tools: Designed to be used in under 10 minutes. Apply them to solve problems, challenge limiting beliefs and practice critical conversations.

Small actions: Embrace an experimental mindset. Pick one small habit-forming action from our library each week to make step-by-step progress.

Masterclasses and interviews: Missed a live event? Watch it online in your own time.

Exclusive events

12 June
Networking to enhance your career

Instead of telling women to overcome the barriers to networking, we share how micro-networking lends to women’s ability to quickly form connections.


19 June ALLIES
Building better leaders

Joe Consedine is a seasoned expert in leadership development for today's workplace. Joe will share his no-nonsense views on inclusive leadership, explain why allyship matters, and debunk common myths about diversity and inclusion. 

Expert interview

17 May
FriYay: Virtual Happy Hour

After a quick group hello, we'll pop you into a breakout room with a small group. There'll be some fun (non-cringy!) ice-breaker questions to get the conversation flowing. Nervous? Don't be. We make connecting easy!


25 June
Forging your own path

Marisa Fong thinks big. As the oldest child of migrant parents, she’s made a habit of forging her own path. In 2013, The recruitment company she co-founded, The Madison Group, was acquired in the largest-ever deal in the sector.

Expert interview

4 July
Redefining executive presence

We want to remove the bias from the term executive presence and its original intent and offer practical (and more modern) ways to be seen and heard. It's about sharing your work and your opinions in a concrete way. 


23 June ALLIES
Equitable communities

Mark Pascall is considered the father of crypto in New Zealand. He's passionate about all things decentralised / blockchain for public good. We'll chat about crypto, The Wellbeing Protocol, and the future of the web.

Expert interview

Industry leaders choose Powrsuit

Although we’ve come so far, there’s still a lot of work to be done to ensure real equity for wāhine in Aotearoa. Partnering with Powrsuit is one of the ways Xero is helping to plug this gap.
Bridget Snelling, Xero

As a female CEO in a male dominated industry it is important to show a pathway and be an example of  ‘see it to be it’ , if a role as a CEO is what people aspire to. We talk about ‘faster alone but further together’ and partnering with Powrsuit is another way to amplify our teamwork and leadership.
Anna Scott, Smartshares

We believe that growth is a mindset, learning happens everywhere, and know our people thrive by sharing ideas in connected settings. The inclusive nature of the Powrsuit membership network also aligns with our Tikanga.
Amanda Parish, Contact Energy

Women in our business deserve to be a part of a new way of achieving leadership and networking skills and capability. We love that you are declaring the real gaps for women and then working to help close them in new and contemporary ways.
Lee Gardiner, Citycare Property

The Powrsuit difference

Almost one hundred and fifty women participated in our pilot programme, Powrsessions. We've proven tangible, measurable benefits for both organisations and individuals. Now, it's time to scale that impact.

Practice over theory

We've all left conferences and courses inspired to act - then real life gets in the way. Powrsuit's research-backed approach focuses on small, tangible actions that drive measurable change.

Powr in numbers

Systemic change doesn't happen in isolation. Surround yourself with others to drive meaningful organisational change and supercharge your career.

Minimising mental load

Anything that takes too much time falls off the to-do list. Powrsuit embraces doing less. If one 15-minute video helps free up an hour a month, your membership has paid off!

A measurable investment

We believe leadership development is an investment, not a perk. Our data-driven approach enables members to track progress and offers organisations insights into major themes and challenges facing professional women.

Tackling the unique challenges women face

Women face unique challenges in our careers - from microaggressions to the juggle to deep-rooted social and cultural barriers to success. Powrsuit is a 'booster' - targeted support on top of existing organisation-wide development programmes.

Inclusion baked in

Gender equity isn't a women's issue. Male allies are critical to driving change, so we provide a safe and welcoming space to come together to ask questions and seek advice.

Women leaders

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Cohort 5: 3 July 2024

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