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Powrsuit is tackling the gender leadership gap at scale. We exist to help women embrace their unique leadership identity, play to their strengths and lead with purpose.

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For as long as they can remember, Nat and Kristen have challenged the status quo. In 2018, they co-founded the investing platform Hatch and rewrote the wealth stories of two hundred thousand New Zealanders. 

Five years and one tech exit later, they put their heads up and were shocked to see little change in the representation of women in leadership positions. It was 2022, and women were at the helm of just eight percent of large companies and occupied less than 30% of board seats. 

Time for a new challenge!

The connections and tools to succeed on your terms

Women represent the largest untapped potential for high-performing businesses. We’ve combined our product and behaviour change expertise to tackle the unique (and often invisible) challenges women face and equip them to succeed on their terms.

Drawing on ten months of research, our sold-out pilot programmes proved tangible, measurable results. Now we’re delivering that impact at scale with a Membership Network that transforms how leadership development is delivered. Our pragmatic, action-focused approach turns it into a weekly practice.

Whether you identify as a woman or an ally, join our global movement to change the face of leadership.

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Powrsuit in the wild

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Thanks to Capsule for highlighting The Invisible Battles Women Are Still Fighting In The Workplace.
Powrsuit shares with NZ Business 3 Key Lessons for Women Leaders: practical actions you can take today.

We spoke to Sarah Kelsey at OneUp about Redefining Women in Leadership and Unpacking Limiting Beliefs.

Kristen and Nat share the story of our last startup, Hatch, with Paloma.
Nat celebrates The Power of Women on a live recording of A Seat At the Table
Nat was on a panel discussion on Outstanding Women at the Women in Finance and Governance conference.
Nat spoke about Radical Collaboration at the Web Directions Summit in Sydney.
Kristen was on a panel alongside other remarkable women at the UN Women in Leadership event
Kristen shares inspiring stories alongside other fabulous leaders at Tech Week NZ.
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Almost 70 people joined us for our inaugural Wellington Powrparty. Subscribe for details of the next one! 

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