The best leadership podcasts for women

Love the Powrup podcast? Here’s a curated list of our other favourite podcast episodes for women leaders (new ep added weekly!):

Business and Strategy

The Great Fail

Kodak: A missed moment
How a series of mistakes, including the culture at Kodak, forever damaged an iconic pioneer.

Planet Money

Wake up and smell the fraud
An unexpected arrival of coffee pods prompts an investigation into a rising trend in ecommerce fraud.

Maintenance Phase

Workplace wellness
Charging disabled people more for health care is illegal. But what about … charging non-disabled people less


What can blockchain do for you?
Whether you’re bullish, bearish, or just confused, we’re here to explain what the blockchain can do for you.

Revisionist History

The Magic Wand experiment
What if you could design any experiment you wanted? Without worrying about money or ethics?

Girls that Invest

Coming up with a 7 figure business name
How to create a seven-figure side hustle – because no one saves their way to wealth. 

Unlocking Moves

Secrets of success from VC-backed founders
Advice and experience from the male-dominated, venture-backed tech space.

HBR on Strategy

Strategy doesn’t have to be complicated
Harvard professor Felix Oberholzer-Gee says strategy should focus on value.

The Diary of a CEO

Trinny Woodall: From drug addict to millionaire
Age is bulls**t! says the ‘What Not To Wear’ and skincare and make-up mogul.

Workplace Relationships

The Financial Times

From Gen x to Gen z: Bridging the workplace generation gap
From Gen Z to Boomers. What and how can both learn from each other?

Hidden Brain

How others see you
It’s not easy to know how we come across to others, especially when we’re meeting people for the first time.

Rethinking with Adam Grant

Finding and becoming great mentors with Carla Harris
Carla speaks with Adam about strategies for building relationships with mentors and sponsors.

We Can Do Hard Things

The secret to making and keeping friends
Practical ways to make friends and become a “Super-friend.”

We Can Do Hard Things

How to set and hold boundaries
The top (surprising) signs that tell you it’s time to set a boundary.

We Can Do Hard Things

Are you being gaslighted?
What is gaslighting REALLY, and what isn’t?


Power Tools
Bad bosses. Unfair compensation. There are many reasons people feel disempowered in the workplace.

Gender Equality

Remarkable women

Melinda Gates and Esther Duflo: What women need right now
Incredible pod guests discuss the best ways to empower women economically.

Armchair Expert

Scott Galloway on the crisis facing men and boys
What’s with the addiction to affirmations from strangers, and what’s with young men?

You’re Wrong About

Sinead O’Connor with Allyson McCabe
This week, we fight the real enemy with Sinead O’Connor.

NPR: All Things Considered

The huge resurgence of women in the workforce
The pandemic was hard on working women, but they’ve roared back into the labour force.

Future Women Leadership Series

Navigating micro-exclusions at work
Do you ever feel left out of crucial work conversations? 

Dear Sugars

Powerful women and the men who love them
The Sugars tackle two questions on the dynamics of gender, power, and love.

99% Invisible

Where do we go from here?
The debate about trans bathroom access is heating up.

Freakanomics Radio

A new Nobel Laureate explains the gender pay gap (replay)
A discussion with Claudia Goldin, the newest winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics. 

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Health and Wellbeing

Thich Nhat Hanh

Live happily in the moment
We need to stop and reestablish ourselves in the here and now.

Itchy and Bitchy

Perimenopause chat
Dr. Angela DeRosa about her experience treating perimenopausal women. 

Lead with Less

Burnout and in pain to thriving and successful
Lotty Roberts discovered the power of mindfulness to help navigate her own challenges.


Weathering tough life seasons
Anna Kingston talks about what it means to be in a season of change.

HBR Ideacast

Weathering tough life seasons
Stresses that cause the most harm are the tiny, everyday ones that build up over time.

No Filter

The life stage you finally have a name for
Camel mode is a time in your life when you power down to focus on something other than career.

No Filter

What Emma Gannon wants you To know about burnout
This convo will make you question everything you think you know about what success actually means.

The Daily

Menopause is having a moment
Menopause has an established treatment. Why aren’t more women offered it?

We Can Do Hard Things

Why are we never satisfied?
Are you capable of being satisfied? 

A Podcast of One’s Own with Julia Gillard

Turia Pitt on determination, defying expectations and taking up space
Surviving against overwhelming odds, she’s rebuilt her life and is now a business owner, writer, motivational speaker and Mum.

No Filter

Stolen Focus – why you can’t pay attention
It has been SO HARD to focus lately. It’s hard to hold our attention for longer than a goldfish can. Is it COVID? Is it tech? And….is it our fault?


Outside In
There’s a popular idea out there that you can change from the outside in. Power posing. Fake it ’til you make it. Is this true, or is it all a lie?

Professional Development

HBR Ideacast

What we misunderstand about mentorship and sponsorship
Often, organisations’ efforts to support women misfire.

The School of Greatness

Building wealth, overcoming failure and rethinking risk-taking
Meet Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, CEO of Xero, a leading tech entrepreneur.

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

Liz Dekker – Sailing around the world
Laura became the youngest person to sail the world – all by herself.

Founder’s Journal

I suck at delegating: Two ways to get better at it
Alex Lieberman admits he sucks at delegating, but that doesn’t mean you should too. 

The Job Doctor – Tessa White

Cubicle guy made it to VP, and so can you
The unspoken truths for career success, navigating pay and promotions.


Weathering challenging life seasons using your intuition and embracing ambiguity
The “grey” is a space you let yourself sit with – even when it feels uncomfortable. 

Hidden Brain

What relationships need to survive
There’s another ingredient to successful relationships that’s every bit as important as love.


Former IBM CEO Ginni Rometty turns adversity Into advantage
One of the ’50 most powerful women in business’ gets vulnerable.

Armchair Expert

Valerie Fridland on linguistics
Valerie joins the Armchair Expert to discuss why people dislike the word “moist” so much.

No Stupid Questions

How do you deal with big life changes?
What’s more stressful, divorce or jail? Are you in the middle of a “lifequake”? 

She’s on the Money

Nailing a job interview
They can be nerve-wracking, but with the right approach and a dash of confidence, you can absolutely nail it. 


Dame Valerie Adams
Olympian Valerie Adams on the truth that where you come from does not define you.

Armchair Expert

An interview with Trevor Noah
How hyper-vigilance is a form of safety, that life doesn’t happen in snippets, and how important community and connectedness are.

The Atlantic

How to waste time
Becca Rashid and the Atlantic contributing writer Ian Bogost examine our relationship with time and how we can reclaim it.

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Featuring Powrsuit!

Queenstown Life

Natalie Ferguson on Powrsuit
We chat about coaching, leadership and money – and what you can do today to change how you live.

We F@*kin Love Startups

Kristen Lunman Says Yes to the Unknown
Kristen is a force of nature and talks about her superpower of “just saying yes!”

The Big Mistake

Kristen and Nat: from doers to leaders
The serial entrepreneurs chat about the challenges of growing a business and a movement.

OneUp Project

Unpacking Limiting Beliefs
Nat and Kristen chat with Sarah about imposter syndrome, those negative thoughts, and what leadership should look like.

New pod ep coming soon! 🎙️

New pod ep coming soon! 🎙️

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