• Empathy in leadership

    The role of empathy in high-performing teams

    Empathy is perhaps one of the toughest leadership tools to master. It requires courage of convictions, commitment to a vision and extreme emotional control.

  • How to: run a great one on-one-meeting

    One-on-ones should be a top priority, but you’ve probably never had formal training on how to run them effectively. Here’s 5 tips from the experts.

  • 5 ways to take control of your money🎙

    Like the best games, financial skills are easy to learn and almost impossible to master. Regardless of your starting point, you can take *back* control.

  • Money matters, it’s cool to be good with it

    Are you among the 45% of women, think money isn’t for you? Learn some surprising facts about women and finances, and get the confidence to take back control.

  • What if it all works out? The power of positivity

    We spend too much time thinking about everything that could go wrong, instead of planing for it to all go RIGHT. Learn how to default to positivity.

  • Feedback is a gift: how to give it effectively

    Want to help someone? Feedback is a gift you can give them. Learn 5 tips to delivering it with clarity and kindness.

  • How to be your own hype girl: The art of self-promotion

    How to authentically nail the art of self promotion and build your personal brand.

  • Quotas work. Let’s scrap them.

    At a time where women leaders are quitting their positions in droves, organisations need to flip the script from quotas to qualities.

  • 5 gender equity practices for 2023

    Studies show that diverse skills and ideas that come from having more women on the c-suite and boards of directors can boost the profits and value of an organisation.

    There are proven best practices that can help deliver more profitable and fair workplaces. We’ve broken each down into achievable actions that can be kicked off while we’re all still feeling that new year motivation #noexcuses 💪

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