How to: Write a response to a job offer (a template)

Considering your next career move? Don’t wait until change is imminent to hone your negotiation skills. We’ve been on both sides, and know the dos and don’ts of job negotiations. However, knowing and doing can be two very different things, so we’re making it even easier.

If you’ve received an initial offer, include these four elements when you draft your reply:

  1. Thanks: Show excitement and state your commitment to the new role.
  2. Evidence: Remind them why your unique skills and experience offer outsized value. If it makes sense, share the market rate for the role. 
  3. Ask: Outline your expectations for salary and benefits by focusing on just 1-3 benefits.
  4. Sign off: Reiterate your excitement to get started.

Template response to a job offer

Copy and paste this template into a doc. Then edit it and make it your own. Don’t forget to share your draft with at least two people from your personal Board of Directors to get feedback before sending.

Hi [Name],

Thanks for the offer to join your team; I’m excited to join [organisation] on [date] and look forward to reaching a mutually beneficial agreement.

I’m committed to achieving [organisational goals]. My [examples of experience] uniquely position me to deliver on [key deliverables in job description].

I’ve done some research through [name of calculators – e.g. Hays, Robert Walters, Glassdoor], and the salary range for [job title] is generally between [lowest dollar amount] and [highest dollar amount]. Based on [key challenges/goals/industry], I think [amount] is fair for the value I bring to this position. 

Additionally, [secondary benefit] would enable me to [connect dots to value offered to the organisation].

I’m excited to get to know the team and play a strong part in achieving [organisational vision/goals]. 


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